Spring Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home

It’s almost spring! The days are getting warmer, and you’re looking forward to the spending time on your deck or in your yard. It’s also time to look at doing some upkeep of your home; the winter’s been long, and some wear is showing.

Wash the Exterior Walls

Fall and winter have led to a lot of dirt and grime stuck on your home. It looks dingy and worn; a lot of that can be removed by washing the walls.

You can do this with a brush, hose, and bucket if need be, but the easiest and fastest way is to use a power washer. Make sure it is one rated for home use – too weak won’t clean well, and too strong could cause damage. (The power washer will help lighten a lot of your spring cleaning chores; plan your cleaning schedule to take advantage of it). Start at the top and wash your way down each section; if you choose to use a detergent, only use one that is appropriate for use in a power washer and on the type of surface you have – brick, vinyl, wood, stone.

Clean the Windows

While you are washing the walls, get the windows as well. (Don’t use the powerwasher – you don’t want cracks.) Use a soft cleaning cloth and window cleaner or a vinegar/water spray.

Check Your Roof

The storms of fall and freezes of winter could have caused damage, and you don’t want to wait until a spring storm shows that there are leaks. Have your roof professionally inspected by Chappell Roofing today, and avoid the expense of more complicated repairs and possible internal damage.

Clean and Repair Concrete

Whether it’s your driveway, walkways, or garden walls, check for any cracking caused by the freeze/thaw cycles and patch it up. The powerwasher is great for cleaning driveways, sidewalks, and patios as well.

Wash Your Deck

Spray it down with the appropriate cleaner, then wash it with the powerwasher (or your hose and a scrub brush if you don’t have a power washer). This gets rid of any dirt that may have set in over the course of the winter.

Neaten Landscaping

Trim back bushes, branches, and shrubs.  Freshen up gravel or mulch and take the time to note what you want to include in future gardening plans. Pick up branches that have fallen over the course of the winter.

Clean Out Gutters

Clear your gutters of all the leaves, sticks, and debris that blew in over the winter. Check to be sure they are in good repair while you are at it.

Check Outbuildings

Be sure your garden or tool shed, barns, garage, or other outbuildings are in good repair. Have their roofs inspected, wash the walls, check for needed repairs just like you did the house.

If you decide that updating your roof is something you should do this spring, call Chappell Roofing today for your quote!
Happy spring cleaning your exterior!

3 Common Roofing Problems

Your roof endures all kinds of beatings every year that you’ve probably never given much thought about. It’s a crucial part of your home, protecting you and your family from extreme weather year after year. From the blazing sun to the icy winters, your roof is your home’s first line of defense. Certain damages or details can go undetected and lead to bigger problems down the road, therefore, it’s a great idea to inspect your roof regularly.

Here are a few common roof problems and how to fix them.

Roof Cement

If you’ve hired a roofer in the past, they may have hurt your roof without you even realizing it.

Inexperienced or sloppy roofers sometimes put roof cement near the flashing areas to get the job done faster. It seals out water for a short period of time, however, it quickly hardens and will crack, resulting in leaks. This leaves you with a headache and a thinner wallet having to fix the problems.

Experienced roofers will properly flash the roof. It takes a lot of time and expertise, which is why lazy roofers simply skip this step altogether. Metal flashing prevents leaks and is found where shingles collide with other areas such as walls and chimneys. If you ever see heavy tar on your roof, make sure you get it fixed correctly by a roofing professional to avoid leaks and further roof damage.

Hail Damage

Roofing contractors typically offer free hail damage inspections if you suspect you’ve had any damage. Just one large hailstone can tear or puncture a shingle. Luckily for homeowners, it usually just knocks the asphalt granules off the surface of the shingle. However, this can still cause damage over time. When the shingle loses these granules the UV rays begin to destroy it. Hail damage can take time to show, so it’s smart to get it inspected by a trusted roofer.

No Chimney Cricket

Any chimney that’s wider than 30 inches, or even some that are smaller, depending on the house, needs a cricket. Crickets form a dam on your roof, essentially it’s a small roof behind your chimney to protect it from moisture and debris. When a cricket is properly installed it will effectively move water and debris around your chimney and off of your roof. Without a cricket, water and debris can cause rust, holes, and roof damage.

Trust Chappell Roofing

Chappell Roofing is ready to help you with all of your home or business roofing needs. We only use the highest quality materials and work hard to ensure your roof is the best functioning (and looking) one on the block. For a free inspection or estimate please contact us today! We’re ready to help.


Ventilation Options and Why They’re Important

Poor attic ventilation in your home is a recipe for disaster, affecting the integrity and aesthetic appeal. Moisture is a part of everyday life between showering, cooking, and running appliances, and where does all that warm, humid air go? Straight up into your attic space. If there is no proper attic ventilation, the trapped moisture is forced to permeate the roof decking and rafters which results in a sagging look and premature aging of shingles, speeding up the time in which you will need to replace your roof entirely. Having adequate ventilation in your home is key to preserving the integrity and longevity of your home. There are many different types of ventilation systems to suit every home type.

Stationary Exhaust Vents

Relying on wind velocity, these are exactly what their name says: stationary. These fixtures sit on your roof, have no moving parts, and the air is simply sucked out of the top by the wind passing by. This type of ventilation is popular due to the fact that it is not quick to wear out. Due to its static nature, most of these vents do not need to be replaced until your home is re-roofed, making this a quick and affordable option for homeowners.

Wind Turbines

Similar to stationary exhaust vents, these fixtures also use wind velocity of at least 5 mph. Because these have moving parts and are slightly larger, these are able to pull twice the volume of air in the same manner. Wind turbines should be inspected often to ensure all parts are spinning effortlessly and if they are not, they need to be replaced as they aren’t effectively ventilating your attic space.

Soffit Vents

While not a ventilation method in and of itself, it aides in air ventilation, pulling cool outdoor air inside your home, helping keep the environment moisture-free. These need to be used in conjunction with one of the methods listed above, but especially for the next method of ventilation on the list.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans are the most effective way to ventilate your attic, but require additional soffit vents in your home to amp up your cool air intake. Solar attic fans make your rooftop look cleaner, reducing your need for many vents. A solar attic fan is equal to 10-12 louver style vents while moving five times more air than a static vent all while relying on solar power.

Contact us today for all your roofing and ventilation needs near the Midland, TX area.


How To Pick the Perfect Shingles

When it comes to purchasing a new roof, whether it be for your home, there are many factors that come into play. Our goal at Chappell Roofing is to make this process painless and pleasant.

One of the main concerns when purchasing a new roof is which shingles are the best fit for your needs. We understand that different building structures have different needs, which is why we offer many different options.

You might be wondering what you should be looking for when selecting the perfect shingles. There are a few different things to consider when shopping for shingles.

Quality Materials

When picking out shingles, it is important to make sure the materials used are of good quality. Our products are made from top-notch materials, so you will not need to worry about leaks or early deterioration. We offer nothing but the best!


In order to have the roof you will love, you want to choose a color of shingle that will compliment your brick or siding, giving your home excellent curb appeal. If you have brick, select a color in the brick and match your shingle to it. This adds beautiful accent and style to your home.


Experience and know-how is critical when purchasing a new roof, and our impeccable reputation will put you at ease. With much experience, we are a member of the Better Business Bureau and are dedicated to you, our customer. Customer satisfaction drives us!

Type and Style 

The type and style of shingle you need is an important factor to consider when designing a roof. We offer 30-year, ultra thick, impact resistant, and designer shingles, so not only can you rest assured you will be receiving quality shingles, they will also be eye-catching and tailored for your home. You will be the envy of the neighborhood!

If you would like more information on roofing and shingle selection, please contact us. We at Chappell Roofing are dedicated to meeting your roofing needs. You will love your Chappell roof!


3 Things to Look for When Selecting a Roofing Contractor

When roofing problems arise, it is a concern that homeowners want to address sooner rather than later. If your roof is not installed properly or becomes damaged, then further problems can occur within your home such as water damage. However, finding the right contractor is just as important as getting the repair you so badly need. Here are 3 things to look for when selecting a roofing contractor.


Integrity, honesty, trustworthiness are all just as important as experience. Your home is probably one of your most valued possessions and you want a contractor you can rely on.  You need a contractor that you can count on to keep his word. If they say they are going to do the job in a certain time frame, then you expect them to do it in that time. Furthermore, you expect them to show up when they say they will. Finding a contractor who shows integrity in the little areas will do a thorough and careful job on your roof.

Testimonials and reviews

You want a contractor who has superior reviews and testimonials. When you read that other customers are highly satisfied with them, then you know they are doing good work. When customers report that they “did an excellent job” or that they are “amazing” and “fantastic,” then you are on to someone who will do a fantastic job for you as well. Testimonials give you a glimpse of the contractor’s work style, dependability, and courteousness.

Warranties, perks, extras

Check for companies that use premium products such as the “Z-Ridge, which is a 30-year ridge capable to withstand up to 110 MPH winds.” In addition, you can expect to see offerings for at least a 1-year warranty or for superior companies, a 5-year warranty. Some companies may even throw in extra perks or freebies with certain types of jobs such as free upgrades for older style attic systems and so on.

If your roof is causing your trouble, it’s time to discover Chappell Roofing today. Contact us today!


Home Projects To Do This October

Fall In Full Swing

October is already in full swing which means changing temperatures, Halloween candy in the stores and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. Another element October brings to us is the perfect opportunity to “catch up” on home projects and prepare your home for the coming winter months. Here are a few home projects to do this October!

Maintain Your Fireplace

Checking your fireplace is one of many home projects to complete this October. Because of the hot temperatures this past spring and summer, your fireplace probably has not gotten a lot of use lately. Before lighting it up this fall and winter, be sure you have completed a maintenance check to avoid any issues.

Check Detectors

Did you know October is National Fire Prevention Month? For your home’s safety, it is vital to make sure your smoke detectors are functioning correctly and properly placed. You should have smoke detectors in every bedroom in the house and outside sleeping areas.

Seal Up Your Home

Don’t spend extra money on trying to heat a drafty home. Apply weatherstripping and fresh caulk in areas that need it. Check window frames and areas surrounding doors.

Repair Roof Damage

The spring season can severely damage your roof without you even knowing it. Did you check and repair your roof after every storm? If not, now is the prime time to get any necessary repairs made on your roof before the cool, wet weather makes an appearance. Call Chappell Roofing for your roofing needs!

With these quick and easy projects, your home is one step closer to being winter-ready!


September Home Maintenance Tips

September Home Maintenance Tips

Can you believe it’s already September? Neither can we! As a homeowner, the beginning of the month serves as a clean slate whe it comes to home projects. “This month I will…paint the laundry room.” “This is the month I will clean out that linen closet.” There is just something about a new beginning that sparks a sense of determination to see a house project through to fruition.

So what is on your list this month? Chappell can help! Here is a complete to do list of home maintenance tasks you should tackle this month!

Why September?

Why not? The weather is beginning to cool off a bit, Fall is near and it’s probably been a while since your spring cleaning list was tackled. September is a great month to take some time and maintain your home. Here’s a list of inside AND outside tasks!

Inside Tasks

  • Wipe Down/Dust Light Fixtures
  • Clean/Disinfect Garbage Disposal
  • Re-seal Tile Grout/Caulk
  • Inspect and change furnace filters
  • Test Out Smoke Detectors & Carbon monoxide Detectors
  • Dust Hard To Reach/Forgotten Areas
  • Clean Shower Heads

Outside Tasks

  • Inspect Your Roof 
  • Re-Install Weather-Stripping Doors
  • Place Caulk Around Windows
  • Gently But Effectively Power Wash Siding
  • Wash Summer Rain Spots From Windows
  • Prepare HVAC Unit For Winter Months
  • Fertilize Lawn 

As you can see your list for Septmeber is pretty full already! Need any assistance with your roof maintenace? Chappell Roofing can take this off of your hands! Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE and for all of your roofing needs!

Choose Chappell


Roofing Tips For The Warmer Months

In the West Texas heat, it’s important to make sure you are properly maintaining your roof. Check out these roofing tips for warmer months. Knowing how to care for your roof during the hotter times of the year will increase the lifespan of the most expensive part of your home, your roof.

Check Your Roof And Check It Often

Spring brings showers…or as it goes here in West Texas, dust storms, heavy winds, and hail. As a homeowner, it’s critical to inspect the quality of your roof and to make sure it’s withstanding the weather. Things you should look for include missing shingles, dents, and exposed areas usually covered by flashing or ridge lines. If you’re concerned about getting on your roof, be sure to give us a call…Chappell offers inspections to help you determine any problem areas.

Clean Clean Clean

Make sure your gutters are consistently cleaned out. Leaves, asphalt particles, and (especially in West Texas) dust can clog gutters. Dirty or clogged gutters can create unnecessary pressure on your roof. In additional to allowing water to pool along the edges where your roof touches, fascia, eaves, and shingled edges can also get damaged from heavy storms.

Rid Your Roof Of Debris

Warmer weather means branches, pollen, and little critters. It’s critical to keep all of these things away from your roof in order to maintain it properly. Many local trees, particularly mulberries and oaks, can leave tiny little presents on your roof in the form of pollen and acorns.

Animal mating season usually coincides with rising temperatures, and you don’t want to let them find a way to use your roof as their nursery. This includes squirrels, birds, and sometimes even cats! Protecting your roof by closing off holes and making sure there are no chewed edges can definitely help.

Hire A Pro

No one can help assess and prevent damage like a professional. We know you’re busy, which is why we offer free estimates, timed around your schedule. It’s important to keep your roof well-maintained and your home protected.


5 Steps for Checking your Roof for Hail Damage

5 Steps for Checking your Roof for Hail Damage

Oh Hail No!

Did you know the largest recorded hailstone in U.S. history weighed 1.94 pounds? Lucky for us, it wasn’t here in Midland. We all know West Texas has some crazy weather which unfortunately for home owners includes hail storms (womp womp). As we’re in the beginning of the rainy season here in Midland, home owners should form the habit of checking your roof for hail damage. New to home ownership and don’t know where to begin? We’ve compiled the first steps in checking your roof hail indicators.

Step 1

Try to stay off your roof and leave that to the professionals. Look at your gutters and downspouts. Hail can cause asphalt shingles to lose granules and their shine, causing a buildup on mineral deposits in your gutters. If you don’t see mineral deposits don’t write off damage yet, there are other signs that may lead to proof of damage.

Step 2

After you finish celebrating from not finding any deposits in step 1 take a closer look at your gutters. This time you’ll be looking for dents or punctures for those of you with metal gutters. But if you have plastic or vinyl gutters you’ll want to look for cuts or scrapes. These are strong indicators of hail damage.

Step 3

Grab your ladder and lean it against your house. No, you aren’t getting on the roof we said leave it for the professionals. This time we’re looking at your shingles that are close to the eaves. Try to look for signs of damage, depending on what material your roof is made of the signs are a bit different. Asphalt shingles will become dingy and less shiny, and like we said before, hail can cause loss of granules. Metal roofing will have dents or punctures similar to your gutters. Wood shingles will have splits or chips in the wood and possible discoloration where the hair struck. And finally, clay tiles would have cracks or fractures usually close to the edges.

Step 4

Call the professionals! If you found any indicators of hail damage, now it’s time to call an inspector. Your insurance company requires a professional inspection report before you follow through with a claim. This way, you can tell the inspector that you’ve investigated, show him your findings, and hopefully help in the process.

Step 5

Call Chappell Roofing! Chappell Roofing is locally owned and operated and we use only local suppliers so your money stays here in the Permian Basin. They are fully insured, you’re covered from minor residential repairs, to large commercial roof replacements. Click here to read more about the start of Chappell Roofing and why you should choose them!


Autumn Tips For Your Home

With back to school, football season, and new shows on TV, it can be easy to put your home on the back burner. Fall is finally here, and your home needs some TLC before the cooler weather gets here! Here let’s talk about Fall home tips to help you maintain your home during the Fall season.

Take Advantage Of The Weather

Many homeowners save home projects and DIY’s for the hot months. Fall brings cool weather, which is the perfect time get outside to touch up trim, replace any damaged shingles or siding, and many more quick fixes.

Step Up Your Carpet Cleaning Game

Cooler wet weather in the Fall leads to more dirt being brought into the house, which means its time to step up your cleaning game. Especially if your house a lot of carpet, you want to be very diligent about keeping your floors clean to prevent allergies, sickness, and a dirty home!

Check On Your Chimney

Have your chimney inspected and cleaned before first use this season. Do this to prevent fires and damage to your chimney. Fall is a busy time for chimney sweeps, so be sure to schedule your appointment early!

Trim Your Trees

Be sure to trip any excess tree branches before the first freeze. Ice weighs down the branches and can cause substantial damage to your roof.

Stay On Top Of Leaves

Don’t let your gutters get crammed with leaves. as this will lead to various issues concerning your roof and the exterior of your home.

With these tips from Chappell Roofing your home will be well taken care of during the Fall and Winter seasons, and you may even get a jump on maintenance for when Spring comes back around.