Photo of a home using GAF's Timberline HD Barkwood shingles

Timberline Ultra HD

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Chappell Roofing Products And Services

At Chappell Roofing, we are in the business of making your roof the best on the block with the best of the best roofing products and services.  We use only the best quality materials, making your roof stand out and adding to the curb appeal (and value!) of your home. For the best roofing products and services in the Permian Basin, choose Chappell Roofing.

Chappell Roofing provides shingles from GAF, North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing. GAF provides advanced quality shingles, expertise you can count on, and simple solutions for all of your roofing needs. Take a look at the options available to you from the dependable brands from GAF!

Which Shingle Color Should I Choose?

Choosing a shingle color is more than just choosing your favorite color. The best way to determine a color is basing it off the color of your brick. Pick a color that is in your brick and reflect that in the roof. If your brick is solid, then choose a shingle color (or colors) that compliments the color of your brick. Trim should also be considered when choosing a shingle color, however, keep in mind that trim color can be changed much easier than brick color.

Choosing the right shingle color for your home or office building also means installing the proper roof ventilation to help your roofing shingles last a long time. We can help you with your roofing ventilation problems when we install your new roof.

For all of your roofing products and services needs in the Permian Basin, choose Chappell Roofing.