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What if you could extend the life of one of the most expensive parts of your home? You would do it in a heartbeat, right? Add in the fact that it’s super simple to do makes it even more appealing. Here we will talk about 3 simple ways to extend the life of your roof!

Number 1: Maintain Regularly

What do we mean by maintain? Remove debris that has collected on your roof from recent storms or crazy winds. Leaves, water, dirt, and other debris like sticks can collect and cause damage to your roof if not taken care of. Combine debris with water from recent rain storms and you’ve got a recipe for mold, mildew and other harmful agents to your roof.

Number 2: Venitlate Properly

If your attic ventilation is poor, you can expect a shorter liefspan of your roof. Many homeowners may underestimate the importance of adequate attic ventilation. The common misconception is that roof vents are to keep attic space from getting to hot in the summer. While this is true, their primary function is to let excess moisture and humidity escape from the home. Good ventilation allows for cool air flow underneath the roof deck and cools the shingle.

Number 3: Inspect Thouroughly

Frequent and thorough inspection is one of the best ways to extend the life of your roof. Especially after a major storm, it’s important to take a look to make sure everything is in place. By frequently taking a look at your roof you’ll be able to spot issues as they come up, before they become a bigger problem!

With how much you invest in a roof, it is vitally important to consistently make an effort to extend its life. Need an inspection? Chappell Roofing proves FREE inpections! Contact us today! 


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