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Fall In Full Swing

October is already in full swing which means changing temperatures, Halloween candy in the stores and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. Another element October brings to us is the perfect opportunity to “catch up” on home projects and prepare your home for the coming winter months. Here are a few home projects to do this October!

Maintain Your Fireplace

Checking your fireplace is one of many home projects to complete this October. Because of the hot temperatures this past spring and summer, your fireplace probably has not gotten a lot of use lately. Before lighting it up this fall and winter, be sure you have completed a maintenance check to avoid any issues.

Check Detectors

Did you know October is National Fire Prevention Month? For your home’s safety, it is vital to make sure your smoke detectors are functioning correctly and properly placed. You should have smoke detectors in every bedroom in the house and outside sleeping areas.

Seal Up Your Home

Don’t spend extra money on trying to heat a drafty home. Apply weatherstripping and fresh caulk in areas that need it. Check window frames and areas surrounding doors.

Repair Roof Damage

The spring season can severely damage your roof without you even knowing it. Did you check and repair your roof after every storm? If not, now is the prime time to get any necessary repairs made on your roof before the cool, wet weather makes an appearance. Call Chappell Roofing for your roofing needs!

With these quick and easy projects, your home is one step closer to being winter-ready!

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