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September Home Maintenance Tips

Can you believe it’s already September? Neither can we! As a homeowner, the beginning of the month serves as a clean slate whe it comes to home projects. “This month I will…paint the laundry room.” “This is the month I will clean out that linen closet.” There is just something about a new beginning that sparks a sense of determination to see a house project through to fruition.

So what is on your list this month? Chappell can help! Here is a complete to do list of home maintenance tasks you should tackle this month!

Why September?

Why not? The weather is beginning to cool off a bit, Fall is near and it’s probably been a while since your spring cleaning list was tackled. September is a great month to take some time and maintain your home. Here’s a list of inside AND outside tasks!

Inside Tasks

  • Wipe Down/Dust Light Fixtures
  • Clean/Disinfect Garbage Disposal
  • Re-seal Tile Grout/Caulk
  • Inspect and change furnace filters
  • Test Out Smoke Detectors & Carbon monoxide Detectors
  • Dust Hard To Reach/Forgotten Areas
  • Clean Shower Heads

Outside Tasks

  • Inspect Your Roof 
  • Re-Install Weather-Stripping Doors
  • Place Caulk Around Windows
  • Gently But Effectively Power Wash Siding
  • Wash Summer Rain Spots From Windows
  • Prepare HVAC Unit For Winter Months
  • Fertilize Lawn 

As you can see your list for Septmeber is pretty full already! Need any assistance with your roof maintenace? Chappell Roofing can take this off of your hands! Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE and for all of your roofing needs!

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