How To Help Your Roof Survive The Holidays

Ho, ho, ho! We hope your Christmas season is going phenomenally so far. Chappell Roofing has a few tips and tricks to help your roof survive the holidays.

Put Down The Nail Gun

We want you to be all kinds of festive, complete with twinkling lights and outdoor decorations. However, Chappell Roofing strongly recommends using materials that won’t destroy your roof. Don’t use nails, staples, or glue to attach your decorations. These methods can compromise the integrity of your roof and cause damage you don’t anticipate. We recommend using zip ties or plastic light holders to secure items to your roof instead of puncturing holes into it.

Keep It Clean

Make sure to remove leaves, branches, and debris from your roof. These items can clog your gutters or start decomposing on your shingles, which can create additional issues. Making sure that everything is removed from your roof, especially after windstorms. We want to make sure that your roof is able to last as long as possible and this helps increase its lifespan.

Trim The Tree(s)

We aren’t just talking about adding tinsel and ornaments to your Christmas tree. By keeping trees trimmed, you avoid dead branches falling on your roof. Not only can this cause a lot of damage to shingles, it also creates an ugly mess and a potentially dangerous situation should you have to climb up to remove heavy branches…unfortunately, you aren’t Santa!

Feel Free To Vent

Making sure your attic is well ventilated, as it keeps your attic and roof temperatures more evenly. This prevents ice dams from occurring after winter storms. As we previously discussed, ice dams can cause extensive amounts of damage. Increased ventilation also provides a number of added benefits, as well

Chappell Roofing is happy to assess your current roof’s quality and remaining lifetime. We offer great customer service and quality workmanship to make your roofing experience a great one!