Maintain Your Home’s Stucco

Maintain Stucco

Stucco requires a level of maintenance that is not too tough to keep up with, but is necessary from time to time. How do you maintain stucco? Here, we will discuss the proper process of cleaning your stucco and methods to stay away from.


Do: Use a mild detergent and rinse with the garden hose.

Don’t: Use a power washer. The force of this spray could cause damage to the plaster.


Beware: Painting your stucco can lead to moisture problems later down the road due to the non-breathable components found in most exterior paints.


To refill and patch cracks, avoid using caulk and instead use stucco filler. 


This material will last 50-80 years. Once its time to replace it, sandblast the old material and begin from scratch.

Chappell Roofing can help repair, replace AND maintain your stucco!

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