What Is Roof Pitch & Why Is It Important?

What Is Roof Pitch & Why Is It Important?

Roof What?

Roof pitch refers to the flatness or steepness level of your roof. It is a term that ultimately determines what type of roof and materials will work best when installing a new roof on your home.

Why Does It Matter?

The answer to this question is longevity. Your pitch will determine how the roofing system will perform long term. It also determines the effects debris and water will have on your roof. Without accounting for the specific roof pitch, a roofer cannot properly install the right roof for the home.

Chappell Understands Roof Pitch

Chappell Roofing understands the importance of pitch, and we take it into account with each job we perform. Count on us to recommend the best roof for you. We will always provide you our expert opinion on what we recommend and why we recommend it.

Chappell is committed to bringing you quality roofing services that you can always count on. For an expert roofer and someone who understands the Permian Basin, choose Chappell Roofing today!