Quick Fix: Cure Common Gutter Problems

Water damage to your home is something you want to try and avoid at all costs. What’s the solution to keeping water damage at bay? That’s right, gutters! These quick tips will help you solve common gutter problems with ease!

Define Gutters

First, let’s define the function of a gutter. It’s main purpose is to channel water AWAY from your home. Without gutters, a simple rainstorm can leave you with water inside! So here’s a fact: gutters are essential to maintaining the life of your home.

Here’s The Good News

Most gutter problems can be fixed pretty easily by the home owner. Maintain your gutters, and you’ll be choosing to maintain the life of your home.

Problem: Clogs

Clogs are one of the very common gutter problems. Debris from trees, wind, and rain can cause your gutters to clog up. Especially around here in the Permian Basin, we’ve got a little bit if a dirt problem as well. That’s enough to keep you busy clearing those gutters out.

Solution: Get Up There Or Cover 

If your home isn’t too terribly tall and you feel comfortable on a ladder, hoist yourself up to clear the debris yourself. Tired of getting up there? Another option is to partially cover your gutters. Think of a strainer, on your gutters. This will keep leaves, sticks and other unwanted stuff out, allowing water to flow freely.

Problem: Leaks & Holes

Gutters that are a bit on the older side may have worn down and developed leaks or holes, which defeat the purpose of gutters all together.

Solution: Caulking 

Leaks and holes can easily be fixed by caulking the inside of the joint with gutter sealant. Large holes can be fied with a patch.

Problem:Water Draining Too Close To Foundation

Your gutters should extend several feet away from the foundation of your home.

Solution: Gutter Extensions

Gutter extensions are easy to install and inexpensive. A simple solution for a problem that could cost you big money one day!

These quick, cost effective fixes can be completed quickly and on your own! Should you need some assistance, choose Chappell today!