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Does your home need a new roof? If you have leaks or if your energy bill is skyrocketing due to poor insulation, the answer is likely yes. Here are some things to consider:

1. Hire a good contractor and don’t skimp. Very few people are qualified to do roof work themselves – unless you are a professional. You need to hire a contractor who is reputable, listens to what you want, and gives advice. Check out Chappell Roofings reviews here.

2. Choose the right materials. The right materials depend on the following factors:

•The pitch of your roof. Wood shake shingles work only on steeper pitched roofs.
•Budget. Wood is expensive. Metal is very expensive and needs a specialist installer – but can be
aesthetically gorgeous. Asphalt is cost effective and durable, as well as being easy to install.
•Aesthetics. You want your new roof to look good with the rest of the house and the neighborhood. If
you live in a neighborhood with a HOA they may have restrictions on what roofing materials you can
use. Choose a shingle color that goes well with the color of your brick or siding.

3. Get any needed permits ahead of time. Most local governments require that you obtain a permit.
Your contractor will know how to file the paperwork and how long it generally takes. If you have an
HOA, you may need their permission to replace your roof.

4. Don’t “cover over” the roof. Cheap contractors may suggest adding a second roof on top of the old
one. This asks for trouble in the long term:

•It can cause a failure of structural integrity as the underlying framing is unable to support both roofs.
•It causes any existing irregularities to be perpetuated and even exaggerated.
•You may miss a structural problem that would be reasonably cheap to fix now, but which will become
an issue in twenty years.

5. Talk to your contractor about proper roof ventilation. Poor attic ventilation can cause a build up of
moisture in the home, which can then shorten the lifespan of your roof as well as potentially causing
health problems. Also, if you have a radon mitigation system, make sure the contractor knows how it
works so it does not get compromised by the work.

Getting a new roof is expensive – but a quality roof should last thirty years or more and will increase the value of your home, not to mention getting rid of those pesky leaks. If you are in the Permian Basin and looking for a new roof, contact Chappell Roofing today.




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