Identifying Shingle Damage

Shingles are a critical component of any roof and, over time, they will receive wear-and-tear damage. However, it’s critical to understand the different types of damage, particularly when discussing these items with your insurance company. Chappell Roofing wants to share some helpful tips on identifying shingle damage.

Direct Strikes

This damage is usually caused after a hail or wind storm. It occurs when something hard, whether hail or rocks, pelt the asphalt shingle. These are normally identified because they look like “bruises.” The indentations are usually darker in color than the surrounding shingle and are normally round. Direct strike dents compromise the durability and protection provided by your shingles.


Time and extreme temperatures can cause cracked shingles. Hot and cold temperatures can cause shingles to expand and contract, much like wood. Over time, the asphalt base in them becomes worn and the damaged shingle surface begins to crack. Cracking allows water into the rest of the shingle and, therefore, into the underlayment. Over time, this causes many more problems.


This kind of damage occurs when the edges of your shingles begin to curl inward, making a cup-like shape. Heat from an improperly ventilated attic is usually the main culprit for this type of damage. This issue is particularly bad, because the little “bowls” lead to pooling water, which can significantly damage your roof by allowing water to seep into your attic.


If you encounter blistered shingles, which look exactly as they sound, this problem is caused by a combination of poor workmanship and excessive heat. Fly-by-night companies often use unskilled labor and poor quality materials, which can cause a blistered roof.

Flaking Granules

Over time, the granules on shingles begin flaking off. This is not normally caused by anything other than time or age of the shingles (though the damage may become more advanced by falling branches, storms, or other damage). However, it does increase the likelihood of leaks and other damage over a period of time.

Chappell Roofing is skilled is “diagnosing” and repairing or replacing your roof. We work hard to provide quality workmanship and reliable materials so you are less likely to have to worry about these situations happening. If you’re concerned about your roof having any of these conditions, please give us a call or fill out an online quote form so we can help you out today!