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Smart & Simple Home DIYs

When you hear the phrase “home project”, it’s not uncommon you would immediately think of cost. It’s true, a lot of home projects cost a pretty penny, which can make you hold off or wait longer than you need to when starting a project. Here, we will discuss some home DIYs that are smart but small. These  simple home DIYs will help improve your home without the crazy costs that come along with big projects most times.

Work SMARTER Not Harder

The following projects may seem small but carry some heavy weight when it comes to importance and convenience.

Weather Stripping

Keep unwanted bugs and pests from coming through the gaps by fixing the weather stripping along your windows and doors.

Downspout Extensions

When it rains here in West Texas, it pours. Your home’s foundation and standing water typically won’t get along very well. A simple solution? Install downspout extensions! This is a simple fix, and if not done, could lead to costly repairs.

Make The Switch To LED

Change out your current light bulbs for LED bulbs! Two benefits: they use less energy and last a lot longer. This will save you money on your energy bill and also save you some trips to the utility store!

Repair Concrete Cracks

Repair unsightly cracks in your concrete with exterior concrete urethane caulk! This will make it look a lot better but also prevent the areas from cracking more!

Clean Faucet Aerators

This quick fix goes a long way. Increase your water flow from your faucets instantly by giving them a quick clean! Simply twist them off and soak them in vinegar. It’s that simple!

That’s our quick list of smart yet simple home DIYs that will make a big difference in your home! For more advice on home-related topics, and for all of your roofing needs, contact Chappell Roofing  today!

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