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A roof is easily one of the largest expenses when it comes the the maintenance of your home. Sometimes damage requires on a repair, but eventually your roof is due for a replacement. So when you do know it’s time for a roof replacement? Check out our signs that show you need to replace your roof and choose Chappell when it’s time!

Abnormally High Energy Bill

If your roof is ready to be replaced, you’ll see an increase in your utility bill. This is because your roof is not doing it’s job as an insulator, causing your HVAC unit to work harder.

Noticeable Water In Your Attic

If you go into your attic and notice water in various spots, there is good chance your roof is leaking.

It’s Stained, Or Peeling

If your roof has dark stains, appears to be bubbled up in spots, and is beginning to peel, a new roof is your answer.

It Looks Bad From The Street

If you are selling your home and you notice your roof is an eye-sore, you may want to replace it quick. Curb appeal or lack there of can make or break a sale!

It’s Been A While Since You Replaced Your Roof

If it’s been a while (20 plus years) and you are experiencing any of these signs listed above, a new roof is what you need!

Call Chappell Roofing for a quick inspection to see if you need a replacement or a repair!

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