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Roof Ventilation…It’s Pretty Important

Roof ventilation is imperative to the longevity of your home’s most valuable asset: your roof. Unfortunately, the importance of roof ventilation is often underestimated and thus leads to very costly repairs and damage to your home. Here, let’s go over some roofing ventilation fundamentals.

Why Is Roof Ventilation So Important?

Proper roof ventilation keeps your attic dry and cool while maintaining a healthy home environment. When you perform everyday home activities such as laundry or showering, the heat rises to the attic, condenses, and forms moisture. Without proper ventilation, mold will grow, eventually causing respiratory problems for you and your family, and also structural problems for your home.

Heat buildup can cause numbers issues for your roof, and in West Texas, heat is inevitable. These issues include early-aging of your roof and cracking to occur. Inadequate attic ventilation can also decrease the life of asphalt composition shingles by as much as 50%.

What Does Poor Ventilation Look Like?

Your house could be in danger of poor ventilation and you may not even know it. If your roof looks to be sagging in some spots, or if your shingles are beginning to curl somewhat around the corners, your attic is probably not receiving proper ventilation.

So How Do I Know If My Attic Is Properly Ventilated?

The air within a properly ventilated attic should not ever be more than 15 degrees warmer than outside air. Proper ventilation allows air to flow along the underside of your roof. This prevents mold from growing!

Ask Chappell!

Chappell roofing provides various options for roof ventilation such as wind turbines, stationary exhaust vents, solar attic fans, as well as soffit vents! Do you think your attic is in need of better ventialtion? It wouldn’t hurt to check! Call Chappell today or fill out the form below to receive a free inspection and quote!

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