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Roof Stains 101

Whether it’s a stain on carpet, your favorite shirt, or your couch, stains are unsightly, frustrating, and result in a clean up and prevention plan. Now imagine a stain on the most expensive part of your home, your roof. Roof stains are a headache and frustration totally different than a stain on your shirt or carpet.

What Are The Stains On My Roof?

Over time, shingle roofs tend to develop dark spots and stains, if not taken care of early on. What are these stains? What causes them? Here, we will discuss the explanation behind these roof stains, the causes, and what to do about them!

What Are These Stains?

Dreaded dark spots that cause roof stains are called Gloeocapsa Magma, or GM, which is a form of mold or fungus. This bacterium actually gains strength and thrives through photosynthesis and limestone composites found in asphalt shingles. GM can protect itself from UV rays and prefers cool, shady spots to in which to grow.

What Damage Does This Cause To My Roof?

GM, the main cause of roof stains, is believed to be only an issue for aesthetics leading to poor curb appeal, however it does attract another factor that can cause damage to your roof, moss. Moss has the power to shorten the lifespan of your roof.  Moisture eventually retained by the moss, which damages your roof and shingle granules, especially if it freezes.

What Should I Do About These Stains?

Power washing is not suggested on asphalt shingles to avoid causing further damage. If your roof is severely stained and you fear the damage it may be causing, it is worth consulting a professional that you can trust. Call Chappell Roofing today for a free inspection and consultation. Have a question about your roof stains or wish to get a free quote? Click here or fill out the form below!

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