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Roof Safety Questions Answered

Climbing on top of your roof for any reason, whether it’s to grab a frisbee or to hang Christmas lights, can be dangerous. Chappell Roofing wants to be the one doing the dangerous work for you. However should the time come where you need to climb up there, we wanted to answer roof safety questions!

Is it okay to work on my roof when no one is home?

It’s recommended that you are not alone when on top of the roof. Should an accident occur, you’ll have someone there to help you.

How do I make sure my ladder is stable enough?

The surface your ladder is on may vary. We suggest setting up you ladder on a solid, level surface, however sometimes that may not be an option. If your ladder has to be on dirt, consider digging holes for the ladder legs to keep it stable. If your ladder is on a deck, attach a board to the back of the ladder to ensure it will not slip through cracks.

Is it safe to get on my roof after it has rained?

You should be extra cautious being on your roof when it is wet, simply because it puts you at a higher risk of slipping and falling off of the roof. Remember to watch for debris like sticks or leaves too, as they also increase your risk of slipping.

Should I wear a certain type of shoes on the roof?

You should wear shoes with some traction or grip of some sort to avoid a slip or fall. For extra safety, some people wear a harness, too!

What are the ideal weather conditions?

Choose a cool, non-windy day, and make sure no storms are on the horizon. You’ll want to avoid strong winds along with thunder and lightening.

What about cleanup? 

Don’t leave it all until the end. Clean up as you go to avoid slipping on nails, screws, and other debris.

For any and all of your roofing needs, call Chappell today and leave the climbing up to us!

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