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Replacing A Roof In The Winter

3 Factors To Consider When Replacing A Roof In The Winter

You can never anticipate when a roof problem will happen. Leaks and damages are sometimes unavoidable especially when the weather turns for the worst. Here are three factors to consider when replacing a roof in the winter.


Its important to consider the crew when deciding whether a job is possible or not. The risk of falling increases when there is a possibility of ice. In addition, the amount of handy work that does into installing a roof requires the crew members to wear very thin gloves. Not ideal for freezing temperatures. The morale of the crew is also likely to be better the better the weather is. Some jobs may be possible but it’s important to consider all factors.


Some tools, like compressors and nail guns may be affected by the cold, which will affect the overall roof installation. A roof cannot be properly installed without the complete functionality of the tools.


The asphaltic materials in shingles have a tendency to lose their flexibility as the temperatures drop making it more difficult for crew members to bend and cut them straight. Along with other issues with sealant and placement, special considerations should be taken when it comes to roof replacements.

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