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When Chappell Roofing and Slover Roofing came together to make this giveaway possible, we never dreamed that we would receive as many submissions as we did. Each story touched our hearts. Every submission that was shared humbled us in that people were opening up their lives and sharing their loved ones’ stories with strangers. It was a difficult decision for us to make, but Chappell Roofing is pleased to introduce you to our roof giveaway contest winners.

WL and Ann Medcalf – Kermit, Texas

WL Medcalf is 81 years old, He is a Korean War veteran and is also a 14-year veteran of the Dallas police force. WL has recently spent 72 days in five hospitals due to many medical issues, including an undiagnosed case of appendicitis. His wife, Ann, has been diagnosed with COPD and her health is also failing. They spend all of their social security income on living and medical expenses, so unfortunately, there isn’t any extra money for insurance or the new roof that they desperately need. Their current roof has been patched, the ceiling is starting to cave in, and there’s only a tarp that’s keeping the weather out.

Chappell and Slover met with these homeowners on Thursday, December 10th to get started on their roof.

“B” – Midland, Texas

Our second winner asked to remain anonymous, so we have chosen to just call her “B”. Her house previously belonged to her mother, who was left the home by her parents after they passed away. On evening of July 4th of this year, B drove herself to the hospital, thinking she had a stomach virus. B was admitted to the ER, but told her mother not to come because she expected to be home in a few hours. Around 10 o’clock that night, her mother became concerned and decided to go to the hospital after finding out that B was still there. Not long after B’s mother and brother arrived, the doctor arrived and everything turned into a nightmare. B was diagnosed with cancer and the doctor said it had been there for at least a year.

B is still on chemo, receiving treatments seven days a week. Her family has been working very hard on repairing the house, both inside and out. However, the roof is in very bad condition and there is no insurance on it. This situation has been life changing. B is 26 years young and is a strong willed young woman. When B moves into the house, she will be rent free. B’s nominator wrote, “I hope and pray God continues to give me the strength to help her in any way I can. God has blessed me and I want to bless her.”

We have been in contact with B and plan to begin working on her roof the week before Christmas.

We cannot express how thankful we are to the West Texas community for their support and kindness during this contest. We are so honored to have been able to help give back to our home with this roof giveaway.

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