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So you did it. You spent the money for a brand new roof. You got a great price. You feel like you’ve won. Fast forward three months and your roof is failing you. Leaks, torn shingles, you name it, it’s happening. How could this be? The contractor you used seemed great. His prices were better than anyone. He came all the way from out of town to do your roof. Is your new roof failing you? Let’s discuss reasons why this could be happening.

Incorrect Installation

When installing a roof, there are proper steps to take to ensure the new roof will withstand the elements for years to come. Even the best material will fail without proper installation. Find a roofer that works specifically with a well known manufacturer. This will ensure the contractor knows how to install this specific material.

Issues With Ventilation

The best roof installation out there will not hold up when paired with poor ventilation. No matter the climate, inadequate ventilation can and will severely affect the life of your brand new roof.

Going Cheap On Materials

Especially in the roofing business, you get what you pay for. Cheap materials are not going to get you the benefits of the roof your home deserves.

Chappell Roofing Won’t Fail You

The sad fact is, “fly-by-night roofers” come and go, and the jobs they complete fail to last like they should. A contractor in from out of town right after a storm who is offering crazy cheap rates should rise some red flags. These roofers sometimes don’t even complete the job.

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