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Is A Metal Roof Right For My Home?

81% of shoppers do an extensive amount on online research before making a decision to purchase a product or use a particular service.

This statistic applies to various services and products such as a local doctor or dentist, the new iPhone, the latest products for your baby, and home renovations such as which kind of roof is best for your home.

Chappell Roofing offers many different types of roofing jobs but today, we will focus  on metal roofing. You may ask yourself, “Is a metal roof right for my home?” Let’s dive into that question and you will be able to decide whether or not you wish to make the switch to a metal roof.

You Live In An Area Prone To Weather Extremes

The low weight and interlocking panels of a metal roof can offer great protection in areas that experience high winds, blazing heat, hail, and ice.

Environmentally Conscious Products Are A Priority To You

Go green, go metal…Metal roofs offer green benefits not offered by other roofing materials. Having a metal roof allows you to save big on energy costs. The materials that make up a metal roof are sustainable and recyclable in addition to its high efficiency.

You Want To Preserve Your Older Home

Take a load off! The lightweight material of a metal roof provides weight relief off of the house and can prolong the life of your roof.

Choose Chappell

Make sure to address all leaks and existing issues with your roof before installation. Installing a new roof is a large investment and a large responsibility for a roofing contractor. BE sure to choose the right company for the job. Choose Chappell Roofing! Call or text us today for a free roof inspection!

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