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“Honey, stop the car. Look at that roof!” When it comes to replacing your roof, this probably isn’t the first scenario that pops into your mind. However, the goal at Chappell Roofing is to make that situation a possibility. In addition to creating a roof that protects your home or business from the elements, Chappell Roofing strives for an aesthetic appeal, too. That’s why you’re going to love your Chappell Roof!

5 Reasons Why You’re Going to Love Your Chappell Roof

1. Stylishness

No matter which type of roof you choose, know that Chappell Roofing has the right style for you. With a wide range of shingle colors, varieties, and thicknesses, our roofing materials are tough to match. When you choose to work with Chappell Roofing, your home will be the envy of the block when we’re finished.

2. Experience

With almost a decade in the roofing industry, the professionals at Chappell Roofing have experience dealing with a variety of issues. Whether you’re dealing with wind, hail, or age, it’s important to work with a team of seasoned experts who understand the industry – and how to properly install your roof.

Additionally, Chappell Roofing deals extensively with insurance companies and homeowners’ associations. It’s critical to have a roofing contractor who understands the processes required to finalize a claim or HOA request.

3. Durability

Roofs are designed to have a longer lifespan than other major maintenance projects. However, your roof professional needs to know the right type of shingle to use based on your needs and your budget. Chappell Roofing products start at a 30-year shingle to maximize the life of your roof.

4. Local

When in doubt – go local! Instead of relying on an out-of-town contractor to understand the Permian Basin’s environment, choose Chappell Roofing. We work exclusively in West Texas! We’re familiar with supply contractors, weather conditions, and real estate industry professionals. It also means that if you’ve got a problem, you can contact us directly – we’re not going to be gone the following week.

5. Service

We value each of our customers, and we’re proud to serve the Permian Basin. If there’s an issue with one of our jobs, we make sure it’s taken care of immediately. We also offer a labor and material warranty on our work. Chappell Roofing is proud of what we do – and we want you to be just as proud of your roof.

Throughout 2018, we will be sharing all of the reasons you’re going to love your Chappell roof…this short list is just a drop in the bucket. If you don’t want to wait to get started on your new roof, get your free roofing quote from us today.


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