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A storm blows in and from the inside of your home it sounds like a wrestling match is happening on the roof. Your mind stars wandering about what kind of damage has just been done, what your roof looks like, and mostly about how much it’s going to cost you! The next morning your roof looks seemingly fine, but how could that be? Here, we will lay out exactly how to identify roof damage after a storm, and how Chappell can help you with the next step towards repair!

Roof Damage

Damage on asphalt shingles will appear as dark spot or bruise, which is a result of granules on the shingles being torn away by the storm. If the storm was particularly strong or involved high winds or hail, you may notice chipped, torn, or missing shingles. In this case, these shingles should be replaced to prevent future leaking and wood rot.

In addition to shingle damage, on other types of roofs (metal, tile, etc,), be on the look out for dents, collected debris, and uneven or split seams.

Exterior Damage

The exterior of your home takes a serious hit when the weather takes a turn. Look for cracks or holes in stucco or chipped paint. These can be signs that may lead you to discover even more damage that will need to be repaired.

Window Damage

With a wind storm, your windows are at great risk of being smashed or cracked by flying debris. BE sure to check the status of your window panes after a storm also, as there is a possibility they can crack or break in bad weather. Also, be sure to board up windows until they can be repaired.

Now that you know how to identify roof damage after a storm, we hope you’ll call Chappell to take a look, and make the proper repairs and/or replacements.

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