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You know that you need a new roof, but do you know the details about what you need? Chappell Roofing works hard to make sure that our clients understand exactly what we’re working on for your home or business prior to the job beginning in order to eliminate confusion. However, there are some basic roof anatomy terms which will help you understand your estimate, what your insurance covers, and so that we’re both speaking the same “language”.

*All terminology is based on the diagram above


Dormers are a protruding portion of the roof, which usually protects a window or an area of useable space. They are most similar to sky lights as far as design, but are very prominent in homes where the attic has been converted to a living space


A roof’s eaves serve as protection for the structure. They hang over the edge of a building and are intended to keep water from running directly down the sides of a structure.


Gables are a vertical portion of a roof. Whenever children draw a house, the gable is the triangular part they draw on the sides. There are several different types of gable, but most modern residential roofs are front- or side-gabled.


The roof hip is the flat portion of the roof that slopes downward in a plane. A ridge can originate at a point or a ridgeline and can be with or without gables. The most accurate shape comparison would be to compare this roof type to a pyramid.


A rake is the slanted edge found on a gabled roof at or near end wall of the house.


The ridge is the topmost horizontal line of a roof. It is the usually the portion of the roof that looks like a “seam” between two roof planes.


This is the “exposed” portion of your roof beneath the eaves. Soffits are either made of “breathable” (with tiny little holes) panels or out of solid ones with proper ventilation built elsewhere. These are used to help ensure proper airflow to your roof.


The valley is the portion between two hips or between a hip and a dormer. Essentially, it is the line where two planes meet.

We hope we’ve been able to give you a little roofing vocabulary lesson with today’s blog. Getting a new roof can seem overwhelming, which is why Chappell Roofing is always here to answer your questions. We strive for amazing customer service, not with just the quality of and warranty on our work, but with making you more comfortable with the entire process. Give us a call today!

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