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A roof is a large expense and investment when it comes to the value of your home. Chappell understands the importance of knowing how to maintain the life of your roof, and we have listed some helpful tips here!


Two times per year, be sure to take a good look at your roof, inspecting it for any damaged spots that may need to be repaired. Make sure to inspect your roof on all points at various angles. Binoculars may be of help to you to get a closer look.

Clean Off Debris

In West Texas winds, a lot of unwanted debris can blow onto the top of your roof. CAREFULLY, sweep off excess debris from your roof. Debris can cause damage to you roof, clog your gutters, or cause mold to grow.

Trim Branches

Hanging branches that scrape your roof need to be trimmed away so it is no longer contacting your home. Branches are more likely to cause extensive damage to your roof, windows, and yard, especially if a storm blows in, so be sure these branches are trimmed short to avoid possible damage.

Seal Cracks

If while inspecting your roof you notice cracks around your chimney, be sure those cracks are sealed and taken care of to avoid future deterioration.

Replace Missing Shingles

Also in the inspection process, if you notice missing shingles or tiles, you will need to have those replaced to avoid further roof damage.


With these steps you will be able to maintain the life of your roof for years to come. For all of your roofing needs, call Chappell today at 432-312-8705!

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