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With the beautiful spring-like weather we’ve had lately, it’s easy to forget that it’s winter! Of course, you think to protect your plants and pipes during harsh winter temperatures, but winter can be especially harsh on a house’s roof, too! Check out these 3 winter roof damage problems that you should be aware of and how to manage them.

(1) Icicle Formation

While icicles may look pretty and seem harmless, they can actually damage gutters and shingles. You can reduce icicle formation by eliminating roof-top air leaks and better insulating walls and attic space. However, if icicles do form, you can dislodge them with a rake or broom. Be careful not to cause damage to your roof by knocking them too hard. If you need a ladder, be sure that is securely footed on a dry surface.

(2) Attic Condensation

When your roof holds snow and ice during the winter there is a good chance that the attic ceiling will have excessive condensation. This build up of moisture can lead to wood-rot and mold. Proper ventilation can prevent this buildup. But before proper ventilating, it is crucial to plug any leaks in the insulation on the attic floor where moist air from below might enter.

(3) Existing Problems

Unfortunately, winter weather and the snow and ice that come with it can make existing problems to your roof worst. For example, gutter seams can be pried open, shaky shingles can be dislodged and unsecured roof flashing can be further loosened. Because of this, it is always best to have a roof inspection/maintenance job done before winter weather is expected.

These winter roof damage problems can affect every homeowner, but taking the time to properly care for your roof will protect the investment you have in your home. If you need further roofing advice or if you would like to have someone give you a free estimate on repair or replacement, think of Chappell Roofing first!

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