What To Do After A Storm

Did your home take a recent hit from the weather? Sometimes taking action right away after a storm can reduce the chance of costly roofing repairs to your home. Chappell can give you some advice on what to do after a storm to ensure your roof is properly taken care of.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Have your roof inspected by a professional to confirm that it has significant enough damage to necessitate making an insurance claim.
  • Once damage is confirmed, call your insurance. They will then assign an adjuster to your claim and schedule an inspection. Once the adjuster has completed the inspection, they will report their findings to your insurance carrier.
  • Upon your insurance provider’s approval, you will receive the insurance estimate for repairs/replacement and the first of two payments in the mail shortly after the adjuster completes his inspection. Now you can begin getting estimates. I recommend getting at least 3.
  • Once you have chosen a contractor, they can assist you with the claims process from here and will provide you with the documentation needed for the release of funds from the mortgage company and the final insurance payment.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting a roofing contractor:

  • Choose someone Local! I feel it is important to support our local economy in these tough times. It’s also nice to know that your roofer will still be here a year from now to service any leaks you might have.
  • Choose a contractor that provides at least a 5 year written workmanship warranty.
  • Choose a reputable contractor. Research them online and ask for previous customers contact information, not just a list of addresses.
  • Choose someone who seems knowledgeable and be cautious of anyone that tries to push you to sign today. You have 2 years from the date of the storm to complete the repairs.

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