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There is nothing worse than finding yourself in a home or roof emergency. From busted pipes to a tree falling on the roof, home repairs can be scary and costly. Sometimes accidents just happen, however most can be avoided by winter preventative maintenance. Winterizing your home and roof is not only cost effective, but a smart measure ensuring you protect your investment.  Continue reading below to learn how you can easily winterize your home and roof for the winter season.

Exterior Checklist

  • Prune and trim trees that could be overhanging the roof or fence surrounding the property.
  • Check the heating and AC unit, making sure it is clean of leaves and running properly.
  • Clean and check gutters as well as drainage running to and from home.
  • Check the windows and door exteriors for cracks around frame and cracked window panes.
  • Paint, caulk, seal any exterior wood to protect from moisture.    
  • Wind proofing with installation of impact resistant shingles and permanent shutters. 

Interior Checklist

  • Seal any masonry, attics, windows for moisture or air leaks with caulk.
  • Ensure proper ventilation and insulation in attic to prevent exterior ice dams.
  • Use weather stripping to seal gaps at doors to prevent moisture and mildew from melting snow.
  • Survey, inspect, and clean chimney flue-hiring a professional is generally best. 
  • Insulate pipes under sinks or in exposed areas so as to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.
  • Change out furnace filters.
  • Run ceiling fans on reverse to create an updraft forcing the warm air down into the room.

As cold weather approaches, it’s necessary to protect your home through winterization. Winterizing is a task that can be done inexpensively. Not only will you save money from future repairs that could easily be avoided, but you will also save money on your monthly energy bill. Most winter weatherproofing jobs can be done by homeowners without professional help. However if you feel challenged by AC/Heat, chimney, or roof inspection, many companies provide annual preventative maintenance plans. Contact us today at Chappell Roofing, and let us help you with your winter roofing needs.

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