Midland, TX is a city of about 136,000 citizens. It is located in Midland County (Midland is the county seat), though a small portion of it lies in Martin County too. It is in the Permian Basin in the plains of West Texas. Midland, TX covers about 71.5 square miles and is one of the largest small cities in Texas.

Midland has a semi-arid climate, which basically means they have long, hot summers and short, moderate winters. The city occasionally experiences cold fronts, but most often they are short-lived. The temperature does not tend to exceed the fifties in the winter. In the fall, the weather averages about the sixties to seventies. Spring temperatures tend to stay around the high seventies to mid-eighties. Summer temperatures are fairly steadily in the nineties, though it is not uncommon for it to reach one hundred degrees or higher. Midland gets only five inches of snow every year, though it gets about fourteen inches of rain. Most of that rain comes in the summer.

Midland is about 49.3% male and 50.7% female. Citizens are about 46% White, 43% Hispanic, 7% Black, 2% Asian, and 2% other. For households, 55.4% are married couples, 37.9% are married couples with children under eighteen, and 11.9% are female householders with no husband. The percentages of age are 29.9% are under eighteen, 9% are eighteen to twenty-four, 28.2% are twenty-five to forty-four, 20.6% are forty-five to sixty-four, and 12.3% are over sixty-five years of age.

The Midland Independent School District is one of the best in Texas. There are twenty-seven elementary schools like Parker Elementary, Santa Rita Elementary, and Fannin Elementary. There are four junior high schools: Abbel Junior High, Alamo Junior High, Goddard Junior High, and San Jacinto Junior High. There are eight high schools like Lee Senior High, Midland Senior High, and Coleman High. There are also many private schools in Midland like Midland Christian School, Midland Classical Academy, and the Hillander School. There are also three charter schools: Richard Milburn Academy, Premier High Shcool, and Midland Academy. The president of Midland Independent School District is Rick Davis, who has an impressive history including serving a year as a clerk for the Texas Supreme Court, being vice president of Midland Energy, Inc. and Petroplex Energy, Inc., and being the former president of West Texas’s Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Midland, TX is a pretty special place. Just ask President George H.W. Bush, First Lady Barbara Bush, President George W. Bush, Governor Jeb Bush, or pretty much anyone in the Bush family who all lived there. notable people include actor Woody Harrelson, author of the James Bond novels Raymond Benson, eight NFL players, seven MLB players, 1968 Olympic gold medalist Doug Russel, and retired general of the United States Army Tommy Franks.

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